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Simon Linsteadt is a singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Midcoast Maine. Since 2013 he has released eight albums as both a solo artist and as the singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the band Steep Ravine. He has toured extensively throughout the USA, performing at venues and festivals including Outside Lands, The Fillmore, the Great American Music Hall, and many more. He has toured as direct support for groups including The Wild Reeds and The California Honeydrops. His song ‘Back to Bed in California’ from his debut solo album has been streamed over 4.5 million times on the Spotify editorial playlist ‘Classic Acoustic’.


























While living and studying recording engineering and film scoring in Manhattan from 2018-2020, Linsteadt began developing a strong interest and eventual obsession with electronic music techniques. He befriended a synth technician who taught him about drum machines and samplers vintage and modern, and how to shape notes on a Juno synthesizer. Walking around lower Manhattan and along the Hudson River at night, Linsteadt would listen deeply and actively to the discographies of luminary artists to acquaint himself with these new sounds and production techniques. Some of these inspiring recordings ranged from McCartney II and Neil Young's Trans, to Daft Punk classics and Moby's Play. For Linsteadt these new musical inroads were dramatic and cathartic, having explored primarily folk and soft rock on his previous recordings. Simon spent two years making Gualala, eventually tracking and mixing the songs in his home studio in Camden, Maine. It is a departure in one sense, but also an arrival somewhere new and joyful down the line. 


The lead-off track ‘I Will Never Know’ is bright and danceable, with lyrics about escaping out of a skylight to follow a holy ghost through the cosmos. The piece is replete with punchy synthesizer sounds and playful references to the ancient Taoist text ‘Zhuangzi’. 'Buckeye Bough' is a song of lost love, that builds into a bouncy pop ballad held in a bed of orchestral strings and vibraphones. ‘Wildcat’s Bed’ is a breezy love anthem about dreaming away the afternoon in the seaside sand dunes of Califoria, painted with synth trumpets, strings, and meowing wildcats. ‘The Hard Way’ is hip-hop influenced track featuring a lyrical menagerie of animals and cautionary tales, a mellow groove, and lots of ear candy. 'Tarrytown' is an energetic gothic dance saga inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, featuring sampled banjo and a driving, gritty beat.


'Linsteadt has a surfer’s smile and vocal delivery that calls to mind Nick Drake and early Neil Young, soulful and smooth beyond his years' - No Depression

'Linsteadt’s writing, vocals, and performance are all outstanding. His style is at times experimental, but always deeply and importantly melodic.' -Ear to The Ground Music

About the Album:

Gualala (April 30th)

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